Informācija ārvalstīs dzīvojošajiem par Latvijas pensijas izmaksas turpināšanu

From 1 October to 15 December, recipients of Latvian pensions living abroad must submit an application to the State Social Insurance Agency (SSIA) for continuation of pension payments in 2024. This is determined by the Cabinet Regulation No. 542 "Procedures for the Payment of the State Pensions Granted in the Republic of Latvia to Persons After Departure for Permanent Residence in Foreign States".

It is most convenient to apply for the continuation of pension payments remotely. The application can be sent to:

  • to the official e-address of the SSIA or by e-mail, signed with the Latvian secure electronic signature (eID card/eParaksts mobile). In this case, the notarial statement confirming that the person is alive may not be attached to the application.
  • by post – the original of the notarial statement must be attached to the application.

An application for continuation of pension payment may also be submitted:

  •  in person at any office of the SSIA.
  • by an authorised person, by post, attaching a power of attorney, or in person, presenting a power of attorney. The original of the notarial statement must be attached to the application.

If residing in a Member State of the European Union/European Economic Area, the person receiving a pension may consult the competent authority for pensions in the country of residence about the possibility of proving the fact of living.

If residing in Canada or Guernsey, you can send a completed application for continuation of payment of your Latvian pension, certified by the competent authority – form Application for pension payment continuation.

The proof of living does not have to be submitted by persons receiving a Latvian pension who live in:

  • Lithuania, Estonia and Australia, as information on persons receiving pensions is exchanged electronically between the institutions.
  • Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, if the pension is paid through the institutions of these countries.


To continue receiving a survivor's pension, a notarial statement that both the recipient and the dependent to whom the pension has been granted are alive is required. This means that the recipient of the pension (e.g., a parent) must provide the SSIA with proof of living for both him/herself and his/her dependent (child).

If the dependant receiving the survivor's pension sends a valid study certificate as of 1 October to prove his/her studies (from the age of 18) and to extend the payment of the pension, the notarial statement may not be added.

It is possible that abroad other legal persons or institutions may also carry out notarial activities. Therefore, in each specific case, the SSIA will assess the document submitted and the information provided therein proving the fact of living of the person on a case-by-case basis.