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Employees or self-employed persons sent to work in another EU/EEA Member State, Switzerland or a country with which Latvia has a cross-border agreement in the field of social security (Ukraine, Canada, Belarus, Russia, Australia) are required to receive a document (certificate) to maintain the status of a socially insured person in Latvia.
A certificate shall also be required if a person works in several Member States to make social security contributions for the same period of employment in one Member State.
When sending an employee, the certificate shall be requested by his or her employer.
Where a person works in two or more Member States without referral, the certificate may be requested by the employer or by the person himself.

Process description

  1. Service requests
    1) if the employer intends to send the employee to another Member State for a specified period in accordance with Regulation No. Section 12.1 883/2004, the employer then needs to receive an A1 certificate regarding the staff to be transferred, confirming that the employee will be covered by Latvian social security legislation, and social security contributions are to be paid in Latvia.
    For the receipt of an A1 certificate in the event of the dispatch of employees, the employer must submit an application TO the SAA D11722

    2) if a self-employed person goes to work in a self-employed capacity in another Member State or performs a job in several Member States and wishes to remain socially insured in Latvia, he or she shall be required to receive an A1 certificate. For the receipt of an A1 certificate, the self-employed person must submit an application TO the SAA D11723

    3) employees who are resident in Latvia and who perform work in several Member States, including international transport workers, shall be required to receive an A1 certificate from the State in which social security contributions are to be made. If an employee carries out work in other Member States on behalf of one employer, the employer shall submit an application to the VSAA FOR a certificate OF D11724 A1. Employees with several employers shall submit the referred to application to the SAA themselves.
    When using the VSAA in the case of the sending of e-services staff to perform work in several countries, the employer shall submit the VSAA e-application D49764.

    4) if the Latvian employer sends the employee to perform the work to the State with which Latvia has entered into an interstate contract in the field of social security, the employee may remain socially insured in Latvia during a referral period which does not exceed the period specified in the relevant interstate contract. In such a case, it is necessary to obtain from the VSAA a document regarding the applicable law attesting that the social insurance contributions for the seconded employees are to be paid in Latvia. Latvian mariners should receive an A1 certificate when carrying out work on ships registered in the Norwegian International Register of Ships to continue to make mandatory national social security contributions to Latvia. In these cases, the employer or the seafarer must submit an application TO THE SAA D11750.

  2. Receipt of services
    An A1 certificate or document concerning the applicable law shall be obtained according to the type of receipt requested.
    For the purposes of obtaining an A1 certificate or document on applicable law, a personal identification document (passport or ID card) must be produced. Employers are required to present a mandate when receiving A1 certificates or documents on the applicable legislation for their employees.

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