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Sickness, maternity and paternity allowance

Regulation No 883/2004 (hereinafter - Regulation) of the shall also apply to the granting of sickness, maternity and paternity benefits (hereinafter - benefits).
Under the provisions of the Regulation, the benefit is paid by the competent Member State in which the person is employed and insured, irrespective of the country of residence. . Those benefits shall be granted in accordance with the legislation of the competent Member State.
Consequently, if a person is insured socially in Latvia, the benefits are granted and disbursed in accordance with the Law on maternity and sickness Insurance.
Under “benefits and benefits” , you can see the conditions for claiming, granting and disbursing benefits.

Aggregation of periods

If the legislation of the competent Member State requires a person to work for a specific period of time in order to be entitled to the benefit, insurance periods of any other Member State of the EU may also be included in that period.
Consequently, if a person who has started work in Latvia has not accumulated the length of insurance period specified in Section 11, Paragraph one of the Law on maternity and sickness Insurance in Latvia (three months in a six-month period or six months in a 24-month period), but the person has previously worked in another EU Member State, then the length of insurance of another EU Member State may also be taken into account in determining the right to benefit.

In order to be able to apply aggregation rules a person who submits an application to the SSIA for the granting of sickness, maternity or paternity benefit, shall provide information regarding employment in another EU Member State, indicating the period of employment, the place of employment (the name and registered office of the employer), the identification/social security number granted in another country. Based on the information provided in the submission, the SSIA will send a request to the competent authority of the State indicated in the application for information regarding insurance periods in that State.

It should be noted that benefits will be granted only after receiving information from the competent authority of the Member State. Therefore the granting of benefits may be delayed, which the SSIA will inform you about.


Calculation of benefits

The amount of benefits is calculated in accordance with the legislation of Latvia. Income (salary) from working in another EU Member State is not taken into account when calculating the amount of benefits.


Claiming sickness and maternity benefits if a person is employed in another EU Member State

If the incapacity for work due to sickness or maternity has occurred in Latvia but he or she is working and is insured socially in another Member State, the person shall apply for benefits himself or herself to the competent institution of the EU Member State in which the person is insured.

Information on the competent authorities of EU/EEA Member States, the contact details of the institutions and the procedures for granting benefits can be found on the European Commission's website in the section Employment, Social Affairs and inclusion > movement and work in another EU country > EU Social Security Coordination > your rights in each country.