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Application of the Agreement between the Republic of Latvia and the United States of America

On 5 November 1992, a contract between the Government of the Republic of Latvia and the United States of America (hereinafter referred to as “the United States”) concerning mutual pension costs (“the Treaty”) was concluded.

The contract covers old-age and survivor's pensions.

Right to the US pension for Latvian citizens living in Latvia

If a citizen of Latvia has lived permanently in the United States, the Treaty enables that person to receive an old-age or survivor's pension from the United States if he or she is entitled to a US pension. . Since the Treaty does not specify the competent authorities, the person must refer to the relevant US institution without the mediation of the National Social Insurance Agency (hereinafter referred to as “the SAA”).

Right to Latvian Retirement for U.S. Residential Citizens

If a U.S. citizen who is resident in the United States has accrued insurance status in Latvia, then the Treaty enables that person to claim an old-age pension from Latvia, taking into account the retirement age specified in the legal provisions of Latvia and the length of insurance required (the interpretation of the contract determined by the Senate of the Supreme Court of Latvia on 23 December 2020, which entered into force in the judgment of the Senate of the Supreme Court of Latvia ON 23 December 2020. 23 December)

Similarly, a family member who has been unable to work (a child) who has lost a survivor may have the right to a Latvian survivor's pension for the accumulated insurance seniority of the deceased in Latvia.

The Latvian pension is calculated only for the length of insurance accrued in Latvia.

In order to receive the Latvian pension, the person must submit a pension request to the VSAA, which must be accompanied by documents certifying the periods of work and the periods likened thereto in Latvia (unless such persons are already in the possession of the VSAA), as well as other documents necessary for the granting of the pension. . When sending a request and documents by post, they must be notarised and endorsed BY APOSTILLE.

The granted Latvian pension shall be transferred each month to the credit institution account specified by him or her in Latvia or to the bank account in the United States where the euro currency can be credited.