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Individual person
Receiving restrictions

Persons who are not subject to mandatory state social insurance may join this system voluntarily in order to obtain the right to State social insurance services.

The person shall be at least 15 years old and the place of their permanent residence shall be in Latvia. Persons can voluntarily join pension insurance, but certain categories of insured persons may join disability, maternity, sickness and parenting social insurance.

The following may voluntarily join the State pension insurance:
• a person who has attained the age of 15, permanently resides in Latvia, is not subject to mandatory social insurance, to whom the State old-age pension has not been granted in accordance with the Law on State Pensions;
• a person employed in agricultural seasonal works and paying seasonal workers' income tax, if not an employee with another employer or is not a socially insured person as self-employed person;
• professional athletes;
• members of the diaspora; at the same time are not mandatory insured persons (also in another state), as well as do not receive pension in their country of domicile in the EU or country with which Latvia has entered into a social security contract.

Process description

  1. Service requests
    To request the service, you must fill in for a particular form submission addressed to the SSIA.

    May submit a submission:
    • on the portal;
    • on-site (if requested for service, a personal identification document (passport or ID card) must be produced);
    • electronically (the application must be signed with a secure electronic signature containing the time stamp);
    • by post.
    An application may be submitted in person to any VSAA customer service centre or to the unified customer service centres of the State and local governments.

    The submission shall indicate the preferred method of receiving the decision.

  2. Receipt of services
    A person who has voluntarily joined the State Social Insurance may receive a decision at the address of the declared place of residence or by post.

    A personal identification document (passport or ID card) must be produced for the receipt of a decision.