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The service intends to accept from persons documents for proof of insurance periods and, on the basis of them, to accumulate in the SSIA database information on the length of personal insurance until 31 December 1995, which is necessary for the calculation of the total length of insurance in order to determine the right to a pension or unemployment benefit.

After entering the data in the historical database, the original documents and prepared information on the registered length of insurance shall be sent to the customer in the form of a recorded shipment.

The result of the service is information on registered seniority up to 1996. If the information provided is incorrect, an application for the issuance of correct information may be made to the SAA.

A person may check the information on himself or herself in the presence of the SSIA or by means of the electronic service “Information on registered service up to 1996”, request to rectify, supplement or request explanations on the data at his or her disposal.

Process description

  1. Service requests
    In order to prove the length of service, the person must submit a request and documents certifying the periods of employment and the periods likened thereto by 31 December 1995:
    • workbook,
    • Colhozner's workbook,
    • diploma for higher or secondary special education (if continued after obtaining secondary education);
    • an attestation on the acquisition of secondary education;
    • cardiness certificate;
    • birth certificates - if the information is not at the disposal of the SAA;
    • archive statement or employer statement - if the work book does not contain all the necessary information regarding periods of work;
    • documents certifying the change of surname, if different names in the documents mentioned above;
    • and other possible documents.

    The original documents must be presented and copies must be provided.

  2. Receipt of services
    Information may be received in person, by post or by portal, in accordance with the type of receipt specified in the application.
    The receipt of information must be accompanied by a personal identification document (original) or a mandate.