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Retirement pensions may be received by workers in the following jobs and professions who, after a specified period, have further work related to the loss of professional skills:

  • employees of aviation, rail, public transport, maritime and river transport;
  • artists of orchestras, choirs, concert organisations, theaters and circuses;
  • judges;
  • prosecutors;
  • diplomats;
  • Officials of the Anti-Corruption Office;
  • Employees of the institutions of the system of the Ministry of Interior and of the Prisons Administration with special service grades;
  • officials of the national security authorities;
  • military personnel;
  • Personnel involved in providing emergency medical assistance.

State social benefits complement the social security system and provide material support to certain population groups in social risk situations, as well as support in the event of lower income:

  • if the persons are not socially insured, or the contributions made by them are not sufficient for the receipt of State social insurance benefits and pensions;
  • where persons incur additional costs in cases where the social security system does not provide for protection (e.g. family state benefits, parental and birth benefits, State social security benefits providing protection in the event of age, disability or survivor for persons not socially insured, etc.).

The SSIA shall ensure:

the granting and payment of national social benefits. .

  • the granting and payment of retirement pensions;