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Receiving restrictions

A person who has worked in Latvia but wishes to claim the unemployment benefit in another Member State of the European Union must receive a document from the State Social Insurance Agency (U1), which indicates the periods of employment and social security in Latvia, which will be taken into account when granting unemployment benefits in another country.

In order for a person who has been granted an unemployment benefit in Latvia and who is travelling in search of employment in another EU Member State to continue to receive the Latvian unemployment benefit, she must request the document “Maintaining the Rights of the U2” (U2). It shall be submitted to the institution of the country in which it is registered as unemployed.

Process description

  1. Service requests
    To request the service, you must fill in for a particular form submission addressed to the SSIA.
    May submit a submission:
    • on the portal;
    • on-site (if requested for service, a personal identification document (passport or ID card) must be produced);
    • electronically (the application must be signed with a secure electronic signature containing the time stamp);
    • through the competent authority of the EU/EEA Member State or Switzerland;
    • by post.
    The application may be submitted to any VSAA customer service centre.

    If, when applying for an unemployment benefit in another EU/EEA Member State or Switzerland, the unemployed person is required to include the periods of insurance accrued in Latvia in his or her insurance period, the SAA must request the issue of the document U1.

    If an unemployed person granted an unemployment benefit in Latvia is seeking employment to an EU/EEA Member State or Switzerland, he or she must request the VSAA to issue a document to U2 in order to maintain the right to receive an unemployment benefit for up to three months from the date of departure.

    If the unemployed person to whom the document U2 has been issued has not found a job within three months, but he still has the right to the Latvian unemployment benefit, then for an extension of the unemployment benefit for a further three months, he or she must request the VSAA to issue a document to U2 for the extension of the entitlement to unemployment benefits.

  2. Receipt of services
    The service may be received in person (except for the document U2 for the extension of the right to unemployment benefits), by post to the address of the declared place of residence in Latvia or to the address indicated in another country, in accordance with the type of receipt of the statement indicated in the application.