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The service provides an opportunity to state funded pension scheme participant to obtain information about the state funded pension scheme amounts invested in state funded pension scheme member 's account and transactions carried out within the selected time period. On 2013 and previous years all amounts on the account statement will be shown in LCY, and from 2014 July - the euro. The portal data is restored at least twice a month.

Process description

  1. Service requests
    By submitting an application service may require onsite at any time of the State Social Insurance Agency (SSIA) in the territorial office by sending the communication by post or email, as well as using the e-services portal
    By requiring onsite services, to present a personal identification document (original) or the power of attorney to obtain the certificate. By e-mail, sent an application shall be signed with a secure electronic signature to add time stamp. When you need to authenticate on the e-services portal using Portal provides authentication types.

    Onsite, by post or email to be submitted to the Complaints of presence information for the receipt of state funded pension scheme (choice: state funded pension scheme’ s statement of account of the participant)

  2. Receipt of services
    Onsite services can be received by mail, by e-mail to the client specified address and website
    In the presence of the receipt of the certificate must show personal identification document (original) or the power of attorney to obtain the certificate