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The State aid for children with celiac disease shall be paid if a certified gastroenterologist has issued a written statement stating that the child has been diagnosed with “celiac disease”.

State aid can be received for a child up to 18 years of age. After reaching the age of 18, the State aid is paid if the child is studying at a comprehensive education or vocational education institution and is not older than 20 years, or studies at a higher education institution in a daytime department (full-time studies) and is not older than 24 years.

Process description

  1. Service requests
    The aid must be requested within 12 months of the issue of the medical certificate. When requesting aid at a later date, it shall only be granted for the preceding 12 months before the date of application for the aid.

    In order to request the aid, a specific form of application addressed to the SAA must be completed.
    May submit a submission:
    • electronically - using the official electronic address (e-address) or e-mail (the application must be signed with a secure electronic signature containing the time stamp);
    • on-site (if requested for service, a personal identification document (passport or ID card) must be produced);
    • by post.
    The application may be submitted to any VSAA customer service centre.

    After reaching the age of 18, a statement of a foreign educational institution shall be submitted to the applicant for support for a child who is studying abroad. The document issued by a foreign educational institution must contain information that the person to whom it was issued is trained in a general education or vocational education institution or higher education day department (full-time) during the period specified in the document. The document issued by a foreign education institution must be accompanied by a translation and must be legalised. If the document was issued in the European Union, the European Economic Area State or the Swiss Confederation, as well as in the countries of the agreement, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, it is not necessary to legalise it.

    The submission shall indicate the preferred method of receiving the decision.

  2. Receipt of services
    A decision regarding the granting of aid may be received in person, by post, in the official electronic address or in the portal, in accordance with the type of receipt of the decision indicated in the application.

    The service shall be transferred to the account of the Latvian credit institution or postal settlement system (PNS) at the choice of the recipient.