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Receiving restrictions

The parental allowance shall be paid to one of the parents who is a worker or self-employed.
The mother and father agree who will be the recipient of the benefit.

The amount of the benefit depends on the salary of the applicant for the benefit from which the social security contributions are calculated and on the duration of the selected benefit.

For children born up to 31.12.2022. the parental allowance may be received up to the age of one or a half of the child.

For children born from 01.01.2023. parents may choose a total period of 19 or 13 months to receive the benefit.

The parental allowance shall consist of:
• the basic part of the parental allowance that one of the parents may receive;
• the non-marketable part of the parental allowance entitled to each of the parents of the child. The non-marketable part of the parental allowance for each parent shall be two calendar months and may be selected until the date on which the child reaches the age of eight. Each has a non-marketable part of their allowance and cannot be used by the other parent.

A woman who is not employed on the day of the granting of the benefit may receive a parental allowance if she has been granted a maternity allowance for that child.

Process description

  1. Service requests
    The benefit must be claimed within 6 months of the date from which the parental allowance is requested.

    In order to claim the benefit, a specific form of application addressed to the SAA must be completed. May submit a submission:
    • on the portal;
    • on-site (if requested for service, a personal identification document (passport or ID card) must be produced);
    • electronically (the application must be signed with a secure electronic signature containing the time stamp);
    • by post;
    • through the competent foreign authority.
    An application may be submitted in person to any VSAA customer service centre or to the unified customer service centres of the State and local governments.
    A remote, personalized consultation with the VSAA specialist is available in Oblina, Ilusta, Vikek, Viehite, Ruben, Pebrin, Drusta, Gautousa, Varina, Eagle, Stopple, Aluksne, Rundal and Vecumnieku VKAC.

    The submission shall indicate the preferred method of receiving the decision.

  2. Receipt of services
    A decision regarding the granting of a benefit may be received in person, or in the portal, in accordance with the type of receipt of the decision indicated in the application.

    The service shall be transferred to the account of the Latvian credit institution or postal settlement system (PNS) at the choice of the recipient.