Kavēta izmaksa

The payment of Russian Federation (RF) pensions paid through the State Social Insurance Agency (SSIA) for the third quarter of 2023, i.e., for July, August and September, has been delayed due to the non-receipt of funds from the Pension and Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation.

The Fund of the Russian Federation has informed the SSIA that a solution is being sought to allow the RF to transfer the money for payment of the pensions. As soon as these funds are received, the SSIA will ensure payment.

If the delay in payment of RF pensions has caused problems for the beneficiaries to pay for the immediate needs of everyday life, the Ministry of Welfare encourages them to seek assistance from the social services of their municipality.

The SSIA pays Russian pensions to persons residing in Latvia who have been granted pensions in accordance with the Agreement between the Republic of Latvia and the Russian Federation regarding cooperation within the field of social security. The Agreement has been in force since 19 January 2011.