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Survivor's pension is paid to the family members of the deceased socially insured person. This does not apply in cases where the death of the breadwinner is due to an accident at work or an occupational disease.
Survivor’s pension is available to the deceased's children, regardless of whether they have been dependent on the deceased. The deceased's siblings and grandchildren can receive this pension only if they have been dependent on the deceased.

The persons who are in employment relationships and receive a pension of which the personal income tax (PIT) should be deducted may request SSIA to deduct 23 per cent instead of 20 per cent when paying the benefit. The PIT rate may be changed during the taxation year. The change of PIT rate is expedient if it is expected that the missing tax amount would have to be paid in upon submission of the annual income tax return.
If the person submits a written application, SSIA may deduct income tax according to 23 per cent rate during the taxation year. It means that taking into consideration the person’s application “Application for change of personal income tax rate for persons receiving SSIA services”, SSIA will apply the tax deduction rate of 23 per cent from the pension even if the amount of pension does not exceed 1,667 Euro. A certain type of application addressed to SSIA should be completed to request this service.