Pension certificate

Pension certificates are issued to old-age pension recipients who are granted an old-age pension in accordance with the Law on State Pensions.

Pension certificates are issued at all departments of the State Social Insurance Agency (SSIA), regardless of the recipient’s declared place of residence. Pension certificates may be requested simultaneously with claiming the old-age pension. In this case, the pension certificate will be issued after the decision on the granting of a pension is taken.

Pension certificates are issued with no expiration limit and are free of charge.

The procedure for issuing pension certificates is described in the 07.02.2006 Cabinet of Ministers Regulation No.105, “Procedure for Issuing Pension Certificates”.

When applying for a pension certificate, one must submit the following documents:

  • A personal identification document;
  • An authorisation, if the service is requested by an authorised person of the pension certificate recipient;
  • A photo of the pension certificate recipient (3 x 4).

A pension certificate can be re-issued, if the previously issued certificate is lost, worn out, unlawfully deprived of, or if the personal data has changed. To receive a re-issued certificate, the recipient or the recipient’s authorised person must submit an application and the above specified documents to any SSIA department.

Published date: [03.01.2018]