Early pension

An early retirement is possible two years before the actual pension age. Until 31 December 2013 both women and men could retire early starting from age 60, however, starting from 1 January 2014 the actual pension age is raised by three months each year (reaching 65 years in 1 January 2014), from this it follows that the age for receiving early pension is gradually growing also.

For a person to be eligible for early pension, the length of period of insurance must be minimum 30 years.

There are restrictions for disbursement of early old-age pension until reaching the actual pension age:

  • 50% of the granted pension amount shall be disbursed to the unemployed granted an early old-age pension;
  • no early old-age pension shall be disbursed to persons who have been granted an early old-age pension, in the period, when they have become a person with mandatory social insurance (employee or self-employed).


  • Early old-age pension is granted for life; therefore, the old-age pension shall be the same early old-age pension when reaching the actual pension age and only the disbursement conditions will change.
  • After granting an early old-age pension, provision of other services, i.e. unemployment benefit and disability pension, is limited, as well as the amount of the calculated insurance compensation is reduced.

Published date: [20.12.2017]