Maternity Benefit

Maternity benefit – paid before and after childbirth, can be requested by expectant mothers who:

  • Are employed and receive a salary;
  • Are self-employed; or
  • Are spouses of a self-employed person and have voluntarily joined the social insurance.

Who else is entitled to receive this benefit?

During the postnatal period, maternity benefit can also be obtained by the child’s father or another person who takes care of the newborn at home, but no later than until the child’s 70th day of life. This applies to cases where:

  • The child’s mother is unable to take care of the baby until the 42nd postnatal day due to sickness;
  • The child’s mother has refused to take care of the child;
  • The child’s mother has died during childbirth or before the 42nd postnatal day;
  • The child is a foundling

Application for the benefit

Only an application for the benefit should be submitted.

The most convenient way is to fulfil an e-application on the portal of unified national and local services

The application addressed to the division of the State Social Insurance Agency (SSIA) in a standard form or free form can be submitted also:

  • in person;
  • by mail;
  • electronically by signing the application with a safe electronic signature containing a time stamp;
  • to the national and local united client service centres that have concluded a contract with the SSIA.

With his/her signature the applicant certifies that the information provided in the application is true.

If documents attesting the disablement that have been issued abroad are submitted, they have to be processed according to validation rules. If the document has been issued in a foreign language, a translation of the document may be necessary.

The benefit’s  payment duration

The benefit will be paid in two parts – before and after childbirth.

The first part is paid for 56 or 70 days of the maternity leave. The benefit for 70 calendar days is paid to expectant mothers who are undergoing medical supervision from their 12th week of pregnancy.

The second part – for 56 or 70 calendar days – is paid after childbirth. The benefit for 70 days can be obtained, if:

  • The mother has had health problems during her pregnancy, childbirth or postpartum period;
  • Two or more babies are born.

The maximum period for which the maternity benefit can be obtained is 140 days.

In the event of a preterm birth, i.e. a birth before the start of the maternity leave, the maternity benefit shall be granted on the same terms, not less than for 112 calendar days.

If an employment relationship is terminated due to winding-up of the workplace, the maternity benefit shall be granted, if the maternity leave has started not later than within 210 days after the termination of the employment relationship.

The rates of the benefits

The benefit shall be granted in the amount of 80% of the average insurance contributions salary of the applicant.

The average insurance contributions salary of an employee is calculated for a period of 12 calendar months ending two months before the month in which the pregnancy leave began.

For self-employed women, the average insurance contributions salary shall be calculated in accordance with the average contributions made during the period of the last 12 months ending one quarter (3 months) before the quarter in which the pregnancy leave began.

Time for claiming

The benefit must be requested within 6 months from the first day of the maternity leave.

Time for decision

The decision on granting the benefit will be taken within ten days after the VSAA office has received all documents that are necessary for granting the benefit.

Receipt of the benefit

The benefit shall be transferred to the account in a credit institution or postal payment system (PNS) indicated in your application.

Published date: [10.08.2018]