Consideration for Performing Custodian’s Duties

Latvian citizens, non-citizens, aliens and stateless persons to whom a personal identity number has been granted and who permanently reside in the territory of Latvia have the right to Remuneration for the Fulfilment of Guardian’s Duties. This remuneration shall not be terminated if guardian and child for whom remuneration is paid leave Latvia for permanent residence abroad.

The allowance is not granted to persons with temporary residence permits.

The allowance is granted to the guardian for children in his/her guardianship, have been assigned a personal identification number, except for children in his/her guardianship who have been issued a temporary residence permit.

The allowance is granted according to Section 10 of the Law on State Social Allowances and Cabinet Regulation No. 1600 of 22 December 2009 Procedures for the Granting and Disbursement of Remuneration for the Fulfilment of Guardian’s Duties.

The benefits’ claiming rules

Grounds for awarding the allowance:

  • Application for receiving the allowance.

An application you can submit in one of the divisions of the State Social Insurance Agency (SSIA):

  • personally or as electronic document, in accordance with the legal regulation of the processing of the electronic documents;
  • sent by post or submit by a notary authorized person’s intermediation.

When applying for the allowance by post or e-mail application form in the webpage of the State Social Insurance Agency can be used or a free text application.

By signing the application, the person requesting the benefit confirms that the information provided in the application is accurate.

Information on the establishment of guardianship is submitted to VSAA by the respective orphan’s court, which has made a decision on the establishment of guardianship.

The allowance may be requested through an authorised person, provided that the representation rights have been granted in accordance with Article 38 Paragraph one of the Administrative Procedure Law. Representation of a natural person shall be drawn up as a notarised power of attorney, or a natural person may authorise his or her representative at the VSAA office, if both the representative and the authorising person are present.

The rates of the benefits

The allowance — remuneration for the fulfilment of guardian’s duties amounts to EUR 54,07 monthly irrespective of the number of children in guardianship.

Time for claiming

Documents for the granting of the allowance shall be submitted within 6 months after establishment of the guardianship.

Time for decision

Decision on granting of the benefit is made within a month after the department of the SSIA has received all the documents and other information necessary to grant the allowance.

Receipt of the benefit

Allowance for the fulfilment of guardian’s duties is transferred to the beneficiary’s bank account or an account of the Postal Accounting System (PAS).


Published date: [27.03.2019]