Paternity Benefit

If you are working at a paid job and have social insurance, as the father of a newborn child you are eligible to take a leave in relation to your child’s birth for the duration of ten calendar days. When taking this leave you will receive the paternity benefit. Right to paternity benefit shall be asserted by a father, where the paternity leave due to the birth of a child has been granted not later than two months after the child is born.

The benefits’ claiming rules

Grounds for awarding the benefit:

  • Application for receiving the benefit.

The employer is obliged to submit the information about a leave due to child’s birth given to the child’s father to the State Revenue Service, and SSIA get this information from the State Revenue Service.

An application you can submit in one of the divisions of the State Social Insurance Agency (SSIA):

  • personally or as electronic document, in accordance with the legal regulation of the processing of the electronic documents;
  • sent by post or submit by a notary authorized person’s intermediation;
  • submit in one of the customer service centers of the state or local governments, which have the cooperation agreements with SSIA.

The easiest way to do this by filling in an E-application to the state and local governments’ services portal

When applying for the benefit by post or e-mail application form in the webpage of the State Social Insurance Agency can be used or a free text application.

By signing the application, the person requesting the benefit confirms that the information provided in the application is accurate.

Does a self-employed person have the right to the paternity benefit?

If you are self-employed and make social insurance contributions, you have the right to receive the paternity benefit.

By completing an application for the allocation of the benefit, you yourself must specify the period, during which the leave due to the birth of a child will be used. A hard copy of the application must be completed, since the period of leave cannot be currently specified in the E-application.

The benefit may be requested through an authorised person, provided that the representation rights have been granted in accordance with Article 38 Paragraph one of the Administrative Procedure Law. Representation of a natural person shall be drawn up as a notarised power of attorney, or a natural person may authorise his or her representative at the VSAA office, if both the representative and the authorising person are present.

The rates of the benefits

The benefit shall be granted in the amount of 80% of the average insurance contributions salary of the applicant.

The average insurance contributions salary of an employee for the receipt of the paternity benefit is calculated for a period of 12 calendar months ending two months prior to the month in which the leave in relation to the child’s birth has begun.

For a self-employed person, the average insurance contributions salary shall be calculated for the 12 month period ending one quarter before the quarter in which the leave in relation to the child’s birth begins.

Time for claiming

The benefit must be requested within 6 months from the first day of the leave, which has been granted to you in relation to your child’s birth.

Time for decision

The decision on granting the benefit will be taken within ten days after the VSAA office has received all documents that are necessary for granting the benefit and when the information about the leave granted is received from the State Revenue Service.

Receipt of the benefit

The benefit shall be transferred to the account in a credit institution or postal payment system (PNS) indicated in your application.

Published date: [07.04.2018]