Funeral Allowance

The following persons are entitled to receive the funeral benefit : an insured person in the case of death of a family member who was dependent on this person; a family member of an insured person or a person who has actually undertaken the funeral arrangements if the deceased person was an insured person, an unemployed, a receiver of pension or state social insurance benefit


Mandatory social insurance contributions are a statutory mandatory payment to a special budget account, entitling an insured person to receive statutory social insurance services.

2-nd Tier – Mandatory State Funded Pension Scheme

The 2nd tier of pension scheme was introduced on 1 July 2001. After the above date, a share of all social insurance contributions is invested in a financial market and accumulated on a personal account of each participant of the 2nd tier.

Solidarity Tax

Payers of the solidarity tax are employees, domestic employees with the employer – a foreigner, foreign employees with the employer – a foreigner –, and self-employed persons subject to the State social insurance and whose object of the State social insurance mandatory contributions (hereinafter – mandatory contributions) exceed the stipulated maximum amount.

Sickness Benefit

A person who is socially insured according to the Law on State Social Insurance

Maternity Benefit

Maternity benefit – paid before and after childbirth, can be requested by expectant mothers who: Are employed and receive a salary : Are self-employed; or are spouses of a self-employed person and have voluntarily joined the social insurance

Paternity Benefit

If you are working at a paid job and have social insurance, as the father of a newborn child you are eligible to take a leave in relation to your child’s birth for the duration of ten calendar days. This leave must be used before the child is two months old. When taking this leave you will receive the paternity benefit

Parents’ Benefit

The following persons are entitled to receive the benefit : Socially insured person who takes care of a child or more children born during one delivery aged up to one year if this person is employed on the day the benefit is granted (is deemed to be an employee or a self-employed person in accordance with the law

Accident at Work or Occupational Disease

Unemployment Benefit

You may receive this benefit, if: You have been granted the status of the unemployed (Support for Unemployed Persons and Persons Seeking Employment Law); Your total insurance (employment) period is not less than one year