Indexation of Pensions on 1st October 2017

The State Social Insurance Agency informs, on 1st October 2017 are to be reviewed the old-age, disability, long service pensions, pensions in case of loss of a supporter and indemnities granted (recalculated) by 30th September 2017, and not exceeding 349 euro. But the pensions exceeding 349 euro are to be reviewed only partially – the part amounting to 349 euro, applying the index of 1,0439.

The state pensions of politically repressed persons, people with Group I disability and participants of mitigation of consequences of Chernobyl NPS (regardless of the type of the pension) are to be reviewed on 1st October 2017 by applying the index of 1.0439 regardless of the amount of the pension.

Will be reviewed only the basic amount of the pension (without supplement to pension). For example, the pension amounting 200 euro will increase by 8,87 euro.

It should be noted that the personal income tax can be deducted from the pension, and as the result reduce payable amount of the pension.

The state pensions and indemnities are reviewed according to the article 26 of the law „On State Pensions”

Published date: [27.03.2018]